Monday, May 4, 2009

We Didn't Meet at the Met

It happens every year and it gives us almost the same anticipation as the seasonal runway shows. The unofficial fashion show as far as we're concerned and it happens in NY every spring at the Costume Met Benefit Gala. Tonight, models, celebrities, designers, and industry icons convene dressed in their most forward fashion best. This year was no exception. Rihanna performed, Bono gave a speech and Kanye made another fashion appearance.

We aspire to look as dazzling as Kate Moss, as fierce as Stella McCartney in all lace, as glamorous and relevant as Shalom Harlow (completely covered and confident), as long and sophisticated as Ashley Olsen, as coquette as Diane Kruger, and as strong as Jessica Biel. We love all the independent ladies!

Photos courtesy of WWD.

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